Why is my order being shipped in different packages?

If you have a multi-item order, each item may be shipped from different international warehouses, depending on which one has your product available the fastest.

Why do some of your products seem to take longer than usual to arrive?

In order to source products that are significantly below market prices, we need to work with various international suppliers which may result in a slightly longer delivery option.

When is a tracking code provided?

A tracking code is sent directly to your email once our supplier has shipped your order.

Why doesn't my tracking code show any information?

Between the product source and its final destination, there may be times when there are no updates because the item is in transit between reporting points.

What happens if my order gets stuck or lost in the mail?

If an order gets stuck at customs, sent back or even lost during the delivery process, we apologize! The postal service is out of our control. However, when possible, we will send you a new package. Please refer to our refund policy for when these may be applicable to shipping situations.